VNL 2019 opening LEDS and more

LED & Digital

e360Sport is a leading company in high-end LED perimeter systems, optimizing every aspect of hardware, software and delivery.  Quality and reliability are at the heart of world’s biggest sports organizations’ commercial programs and are key to fostering trust in the world’s most famous brands.

Since its creation in 2012, and as the Stadium industry is constantly asking for more innovation in digital field, LED perimeter systems have been redefined, improved and optimized several times to reach its current level of technicality. Next to this remarkable changes, the perimeter system is now frequently traveling around the North America – especially for UEFA and FIFA, and many other major sports events. 

Highest Quality Systems

e360’s LED perimeter advertising systems are manufactured using the highest quality LED components, offering stunning brightness, contrast and color reproduction. The systems are built in a programmable module format and can be simply joined to create systems of any length.

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