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e360 Creative

e360 Creative is a design-driven post production team and an extension of e360 Sport. We are a collective of designers, artists and animators who provide everything from the idea to color correction, with a focus on creating exceptional visual experiences for your audience. We are classically trained in graphic design and 3D animation while operating on multiple levels – with devotion to strong graphic design and storytelling.

Led by our 10-year NFL creative veteran, we have effectively separated ourselves from the competition most noticeably in the arena of sports. Whether developing the packaging for live televised sports events, delivering large format stadium & arena content or the design of custom logo branding, e360 Sport’s full spectrum of high-end services in sports and entertainment is unrivaled in the industry.

We are proud to have worked with some of the biggest sports brands in the world, including teams from the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS creating content in historic venues such as New Era Field, Gillette Stadium, United Center, Metlife Stadium, Red Bull Arena and FedEx Field to name a few.

Broadcast Motion Design

Motion Design means lots of things. Agencies will tell you “Motion Design combines the language of design with film-making production principles through the use of………lost you, didn’t we?” We’re not that stuffy. We consider ourselves “the creators”. Need that logo scrubbed out? We got it. Track a new one in? Already started. Need hyper-realistic renderings? Sign us up! Full broadcast graphics package? Now you’re talking!

We are a team of artists who obsess over creating moving imagery that hypnotizes and stirs up a little emotion. We’ve produced everything from captivating commercials to data automation for real-time social media animations. We love variety, we are humble and we are amazing. Click here to check out some of our recent projects

Animation Services Include:

  • In-Stadium/In-Arena Services
  • Broadcast Graphics Packages
  • Commercial Spots
  • Compositing/VFX Explainer/Instructional Videos
  • Social Media Loops
  • Lyric Videos

LED Animation

Crazy aspect ratio?  We’ve seen it.  Our Motion Design team specializes in live in-venue LED animation work helping teams, sponsors and property owners maximize revenue and provide a first class experience for the fans.

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