ICC 2019 LED and Print
International Champions Cup 2019

The International Champions Cup, or ICC, is one of the most unique and entertaining collection of soccer events hosted in America, and around the world. The ICC is a crucial element of the soccer calendar for both the game’s influencers and soccer’s next generation of athletes.

What makes it most unique is that has a list of former champions as famous as any soccer tournament in the world – FC Bayern, Manchester United, Juventus, Real Madrid, Inter, AC Milan and this year’s winner, Benfica.

These teams had rosters with some of the top scorers around the world, including the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski.

e360 Sport was tasked with making each venue come to life, as a field like the teams are accustomed to playing on. It took a lot of experience and creativity to make everything look seamless to the fans, who came to root on their favorite players and teams, and each service we provide had something to do with its overall success.

What We Accomplished

Core Kit Production

Officials with our ball stand
Team crests for pre-game
Players line up pre-game

There were 11 cities where games were being played for the ICC, some games even happening on the same day. That meant we needed to have separate Core Kits for each part of the country where the matches were held. The Core Kit was consistent for each event, with only a few minor changes depending on the venue.

Each venue needed to be furnished with banners to wrap the walls with the ICC logos, and team logos. Field-boards featuring sponsors, corner flags, bench decals, camera pads, team crest-boards, starter’s arch, ball stands and more.

Our creative team put together all these elements, got them printed, organized on the right trucks where our operations team was able to implement and install where needed. As you can see from each match, worked to ensure the fans saw exactly what we wanted them to see in order for them to enjoy the ICC experience.

Additional Print Items

Backstage press conference area
On field interview area
Player bench area

HerbaLife Sideline Kit – Similar to the Core Kit production, everything in the Sideline Kit had to be customized to fit the HerbaLife scheme, and enough perishable items for each match. From ice chests to player towels, we kept the teams hydrated properly.

Post Game – There has to be post game interviews of players, coaches, and there’s no way better to show off you team and sponsors to the fans and public than with Mixed Media backdrops, Flash Media backdrops, mic flags, over-sized checks and more.

Hospitality – Hotels, lobby, arena signage. These can be overlooked, but are still essential to each event, or game’s branding. For the ICC we utilized pull-up banners, table covers, directional signs and more.

LED Perimeter Signage

An LED system displays ads throughout the game
An LED system displays a shared roation
LED support documents

For all ICC games, perimeter sponsorship has evolved. e360 Sport has innovative solution, LED signage, which we implemented for each match and venue. LED enhances the on field experience for fans, and is a unique way for sponsors to reach their audience.

e360 Sport offered support related to LED systems as well, including:

LED Specifications – Measurements, site plans, pixel dimensions and ad specifications for advertisers. This includes planning out shared rotations.

Setup & Take Down – Our staff arrived early and stayed late to put up, configure, and take down the LED systems.

Logistics – We mapped out transport and coverage for all stadiums and locations in the project.

Exposure Reporting – We also provided in-depth LED exposure reporting so that the tournament administrators could show their sponsors exactly where and when their advertisements were displayed to the fans. This includes reporting about what sponsor was showing at each goal, total time exposed, and other statistics. 


We were honored to be chosen to design and animate the 2019 ICC In-stadium graphics package.  Working closely with the Creative Team at Relevent Sports, we started with mood boards and ended with a versatile style we call “Clean Grit” that was able to flex to the needs of multiple venues and producers.  
Leveraging the ‘clean’ and ‘flat’ design style that has held popularity for close to a decade, we evolved into a contemporary style that invites subtle texture layering, team-driven monotone color palettes and a collage atmosphere. The use of repeating patterns and text elements adds complexity within transitions while following the ICC brand guidelines




Field LED Deliverables

Fascia LED Deliverables

Video-board Deliverables

Wrap Up

As you can see, this event had many moving parts and it was quite the production at every arena. But that’s the hard work and dedication you will receive when entrust your event to e360 Sport.

Want to learn more about our services and what we can do to make your event complete – please contact us today!