Canadian Premier League - 2019 Inaugural Season

Since the ending of the Canadian Soccer League in 1992, there’s been a void in a fully professional league in Canada. In 2017, the creation of the Canadian Premier League was unanimously approved, and announced. 2018 unveiled the logo and branding, later the official clubs were revealed, and on April 27, 2019, Forge FC and York9 played the inaugural match at Tim Hortons Field.

Now a lot goes into creating branding for a stadium, teams, let alone the creation of a whole league such as the CPL. And this branding has to appeal to fans, sponsors, the league and more. Fans always want to go to their city’s team games and be able to recognize the home team, the opposition, the fan experience stations, and the on field sponsors that makes the event all the more special.

As professionals in the soccer branding industry, e360 Sport was tasked with consulting, project managing, and helping execute the final product that fans would see on the field.

What We Accomplished

Event Management

Opening ceremony of the CPL
Fans cheer on their favorite team
CPL starters arch

As with anything that is starting for the first time, there are trial and error of what works and what can be improved upon. The CPL relied on our knowledge and project management skills in order to effectively and efficiently execute production, support, and deadlines for games, events and more. 

On aspect that represents this were the camera pads that go around the main pitch camera. At first the designs were for a two pad design. After some testing, it made more sense to go with a three pad design that wrapped around the camera in a horseshoe. Simple things like this can make all the difference!

Print Decor

Press Backdrop
Starters arch & trophy stand
Field-boards & Wall Wraps

With print signage for media exposure such as media backdrops, field board decals, camera pads, center circles, ball stands, and arches – each club received items specific to the CPL or team itself.

Frames and panels also needed to be produced operationally for the field boards, as more sponsors joined in.

Additionally, as the kinks were worked out, more items were tweaked or produced to the changing of the league’s marketing needs – Flash media backdrops, and more.


e360 Sport created field LED animations for the League, Forge FC, Valour FC clubs and supporting sponsors. These visuals were instrumental in establishing the CPL brand in addition to showcasing team and and sponsor initiatives.  e360 worked closely with the league to ensure high quality, unique animations were created for the inaugural season.

Forge FC - Jersey
Full Width - Scale 40%
Cross Section - Scale 100%
CPL - League Branding
Full Width - Scale 45%
Cross Section - Scale 100%
Valour FC - Centre Circle App
Full Width - Scale 45%
Cross Section - Scale 100%
Wrap Up

As you can see, no project is too big, no item is too trivial to adjust. e360 Sport used some marketing and event management tricks in the bag to give the Canadian Premier League the start they needed for years to come, and assisted in making this league great for the Canadian fans across their fine country.

We are proud to say we consider the 2019 inaugural season a success, and we’re happy and honored to be apart of it!

If you would like to learn more about the services we are able to offer for the CPL, or for any of our amazing clients – please contact us today!