2019 FIVB Vollyball Nations League

University of Illinois at Chicago was fortunate to host some of the best volleyball players in the world, for the second annual VNL tournament.

In what turned out to be a great multi day event, with an amazing turnout of volleyball fans, Russia defended and claimed their second VNL title in a gold-medal win over USA.

Now a tournament like this can’t just happen with players, a net and ball. The ambiance had to be set, and the feel had to give the fans that this was the volleyball event of the year.

What We Accomplished

e360 Sport was able to incorporate all the necessary signage and entertainment elements to create the experience fans expect and more.

Print Decor

Entrance to the stadium
The Russian team celebrating their victory
Custom bench and players area

From bench branding to carpets, banners and court branding – these items enhance the visuals to the fans both in the arena and those watching around the world. Media backdrops and flash media signage was also included so that event sponsors were shown for fans and more. For the 2x gold medalist winning Russian team, they were surrounded by cheering fans as they accepted their championship VNL trophy on a FIVB branded trophy stand in front of a wall of finals branding,

Hospitality Signage

All the hotels were furnished with appropriate banners and other promotional items marketing the game to VNL fans and teams alike. This is important for the fans because not only does it feel like you are surrounded by the atmosphere of the competitors, but also keeps them engaged with the event.

LED Digital Displays

Pre-match LED setup
Players warming up on the court
Pre-game lighting test

Another innovative and technological marketing tool in the e360Sport arsenal that showcases sponsors to the fans in a unique way. Our LED boards were placed around the outside of the court, displaying ads for millions of impressions, and with seamless transition as to not take away from the sport experience.

Wrap Up

With all these big moving parts, days of competition, and still the event was a success! UIC was a great host, and the tournament showcased some of the best volleyball players in the world to a host of volleyball fans from around the world. At e360Sport, we were proud to help make the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Nations League Finals the best it could be, and look forward to our continued partnership with FIVB. Want to learn more about our print, LED, or any of the amazing branding signage services we offer? Please contact us today!